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Dear Financial Advisor, Investor, CEO or Business Owner:

To say we’re living in trying economic times could be the understatement of the decade.

It seems each day we’re hit with another salvo of bad news

  • Unemployment figures at levels reminiscent of the Great Depression…

  • Housing prices continuing to head south, with no end in sight…
  • Gas prices heading into the stratosphere…

  • Our national debt skyrocketing, and the “powers that be” wanting to spend even more money that we don’t have…

Well, I could go on and on… but I’m not here to depress you even further.

In fact, I’m here to offer you a “ray of sunshine”… and a unique way to not only make sense of all this economic insanity… but to actually take advantage of the situation… and come out smelling like a rose on the other side.

You see, we suspected that we’d be having massive amounts of trouble in the economy starting around 2008…

Way Back In 1992!

“The next great depression will be from 2008 to 2023.”
The Great Boom Ahead, page 16.

How in the world did we see trouble in today’s economy almost 20 years ago? It has to do with demographics…

More on that in a second. But first, let me ask you a quick question…

How would your worldview change if you knew way ahead of time what the economy is about to do… and exactly how to prepare yourself for the changes ahead… so that you’re not “caught blind” like thousands of helpless investors whose portfolios were decimated in The Great Market Crash of 2008…

Do you think that would lead to greater peace of mind? I assure you, it would.

Well, now you CAN get access to that advance knowledge. Here’s how…

Introducing: The HS Dent Monthly
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Now you can position yourself as the go-to-advisor… the “in-the-know” CEO… or the suddenly highly successful investor… by putting current short and long term economic trends into perspective with the unique information contained in HS Dent’s Monthly Economic Forecasts.

Researched and developed by HS Dent’s economic team, the Forecasts apply the uncannily accurate HS Dent Method to both short and long term factors that impact the economy and markets.

You get access to current analyses of market trends, national and international trends as well as short term factors such as natural disasters, the Federal Reserve rate changes and a spike in energy costs.

This powerful and timely monthly economic forecast puts events and trends into perspective, and removes the fear of “death and destruction” from mainstream media reports.

Armed with the information contained in each issue of  the HS Dent Monthly Economic Forecast, you’ll gain the quiet confidence of multi-millionaires and billionaires, who have access to this specialized information that most others do not… and know how not only to survive in dire economic circumstances… but to THRIVE in that environment!

When you subscribe to the HS Dent Monthly Economic Forecast, you will:

  • Get the latest demographic research years before the general public (this is the same research we used back in 1992 to predict the economic turmoil going on today!)

  • Gain an understanding of the forces around you that drive the economy (this will allow you to easily anticipate market events… and exploit them to the fullest!)
  • Discover how to apply the extraordinary information provided (no longer will you get slaughtered in a severe market downturn… you’ll be ready, willing and able to position yourself for maximum profits…or to simply provide “iron cage” protection for your portfolio)

  • Separate the economic decisions you can control from the economic decisions you cannot control (this will lead to even further peace of mind)

  • Make better economic decisions regarding investments, real estate choices, college planning and career opportunities (as you can see, this knowledge can be used to improve almost every aspect of your life)

  • See an analysis and forecast of equity markets that is based first on demographics, second on recurring cycles, and third on technical indicators (this system has proven itself over and over again… for decades)

  • Get access to archived forecasts

The Monthly Economic Forecast is posted for subscribers at our password-protected website as soon as it is released for publication. Occasionally, HS Dent issues updates which are sent via email.

So… here’s your chance to become an “insider” to Harry Dent’s incredibly accurate forecasts each and every month.

Join us today, and discover why those multi-millionaires and billionaires I mentioned above eagerly anticipate their monthly issue of the Forecast!

P.S.  Here’s what one subscriber recently said about the HS Dent Economic Forecast:

“Thank you Harry!  With the information you provided in last month’s (April 2011) report about sentiment readings on silver was invaluable.  We managed to exit our entire client base using his idea of a trailing stop loss on the precious metals holdings that you spoke about on the telephone conference calls (average exit was $45). This was a massive profit position for our clients and it would have not been possible without the help of you and your team.  I still have the original charts where you forecasted silver would go from $12 to $30 plus per ounce.  Harry, you were spot on. Keep up the great work.” – Alex Jamieson, Australia


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